A Test-Driven Approach for Security Designs of Automated Vehicles

Dajiang Suo1, Sanjay E. Sarma1

  • 1Massachusetts Institute of Technology





09:00 - 17:30 | Sun 9 Jun | Room V106A | SuA2T1

CAD + C-ITSec: Connected, Cooperative & Automated Driving + Research Advances in Cooperative ITS Cyber Security and Privacy

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The testing of cyber-physical systems such as automated vehicles (AV) is difficult as engineers face challenges from both cybersecurity and safety domains that start to converge. For cybersecurity, conducting vulnerability testing even before mitigation designs are fixed requires the predication and modeling of adversaries’ malicious behaviors. For safety, complete testing at system-level is time-consuming and also infeasible due to the large combination of operational domains. To help engineers design cost-effective mitigation solutions, this paper presents a framework for constructing testing scenarios driven by cyber threats that can be evaluated early in the design process. The testing results can inform the design of mitigation strategies and help engineers in constructing security requirements such that the large solution space will converge more quickly on effective designs. We also illustrate how to build visualization tools to support this process.

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