In-Chamber V2X Oriented Test Scheme for Connected Vehicles

Jianmei Lei1, Siru Chen2, Lingqiu Zeng3, Fangli Liu3, Konglin Zhu2, Jie Liu4

  • 1State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology & Chon
  • 2Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • 3Chongqing University
  • 4China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd





09:00 - 17:30 | Sun 9 Jun | Room V106A | SuA2T1

CAD + C-ITSec: Connected, Cooperative & Automated Driving + Research Advances in Cooperative ITS Cyber Security and Privacy

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One defect of on-road V2X (Vehicle to Everything) related test is bad repeatability. The outside electromagnetic environment is un-controllable and test output performance is very un-stable. An obvious advantage of in-chamber test is the controllability of test environment parameters, which could mend the defect of on-road field test. In this paper, an in-chamber test scheme is designed to fulfil V2X related test. Corresponding operation conditions are analysis, which test cases are defined in detail. Moreover, the test parameter setting method is given. A typical application, FCW, is test to verify the effectiveness of proposed scheme. Test results show that output of in-chamber test is stable, which illustrate a good repeatability.

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