Validation of the KC Autotuning Principle on a Multi-Tank Pilot Process

Robin M.c. De Keyser1, Cristina Ioana Muresan2

  • 1Ghent University
  • 2Technical University of Cluj Napoca



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11:45 - 12:20 | Wed 24 Apr | Fauna | WeS2

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PIDs are the most widely used controllers in industrial applications. This particular interest generates on-going research regarding simplified tuning methods appealing to the industrial user. Such methods refer also to a fast design of PID controllers in the absence of a mathematical model of the process. Autotuners represent one way of achieving such a fast design. In this paper, the experimental validation of a previously presented direct autotuner is presented. The autotuning method requires only one simple sine test on the process to compute the PID controller parameters. The case study consists in the Quanser Six Tanks Process. Comparisons with other popular tuning methods are also presented. The results show that the proposed autotuning method is a valuable option for controlling industrial processes.

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