Convex Enclosures for Constrained Reachability Tubes

Mario Eduardo Villanueva1, Xuhui Feng1, Radoslav Paulen2, Benoit Chachuat3, Boris Houska1

  • 1ShanghaiTech University
  • 2Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
  • 3Imperial College London



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This paper is concerned with computing enclosures for the constrained reachable set of uncertain nonlinear dynamic systems. Our main contribution is a nontrivial extension of the generalized differential inequality, proposed in Villanueva et al. (2015), for the case that an a priori enclosure, of the reachable set is available. A practical implementation is worked out in detail for the case of ellipsoidal enclosures. The applicability of the proposed method is illustrated using a Lotka-Volterra system, for which a nonlinear solution invariant is known.

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