The Application of Branch-Like Fractal Geometries on the Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchange Equipment: A CFD Study of the Shell-Side Performance

Daniel Sebastia-saez1, Harvey Arellano-garcia1

  • 1University of Surrey



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11:45 - 12:20 | Wed 24 Apr | Veleiros | WeS1

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09:00 - 10:20 | Thu 25 Apr | Hallway | ThSS

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Nature has provided some of the most ingenious and elegant solutions to complex problems over millions of years of refining through evolution. The adaptation of Nature´s solutions to engineering problems is a recent trend which has opened opportunities for improvement in many areas ranging from Architecture to Chemical Engineering. In particular, the use of fractal geometries on heat exchangers is a recent design trend. Recent investigations highlight the benefit of implementing fractal-based geometries on the tube side of shell and tube heat exchangers. A complete evaluation of such devices by assessing the performance of the shell side has not been undertaken, though. Here, we present a systematic numerical assessment of the shell side of a tree-like shaped heat exchanger. Key performance parameters, i.e. temperature change, pressure drop and coefficient of performance, are obtained and compared to those of a straight tube, in order to fully understand the potential of the application of fractal-based shapes to the design of heat exchangers.

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