Economics Optimizing Control with Model Mismatch Based on Modifier Adaptation

Reinaldo Hernandez1, Sebastian Engell1

  • 1TU Dortmund



Regular Session


10:00 - 11:40 | Wed 24 Apr | Fauna | WeA2

Real-Time Operations Optimization

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It is well-know that the use of an inaccurate model in any model-based control scheme might lead to a suboptimal operation and to violation of the constraints. In this contribution, an economics optimizing control scheme is proposed with the aim of achieving closed-loop optimality despite the presence of structural model-plant mismatch. Model uncertainties are handled by augmenting the nominal model with bias and gradients correction terms which are iteratively updated using plant information. The basic idea is to enforce the matching of the optimality conditions between the plant and the augmented model by linear correction terms similar to modifier adaptation. The proposed scheme is discussed and illustrated by simulation studies of a benchmark problem.

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