Set-Based Methods in Estimation and Control

Boris Houska1, Mario Eduardo Villanueva1, Radoslav Paulen2, Benoit Chachuat3

  • 1ShanghaiTech University
  • 2Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
  • 3Imperial College London



Invited Session


13:30 - 18:00 | Tue 23 Apr | Forte | TuPM1

Workshop on Set-Based Methods in Estimation and Control 

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Problems in estimation and control can often be formulated, analyzed and/or solved using methods which exploit the properties of properly chosen or constructed sets. For example, constraints and uncertainties–as well as the effects of the latter on a control system–can naturally be described using sets. Likewise, estimating the response of a system to disturbances, as well as the inherent error of the estimation algorithm can also be described within a set-based formalism. By looking at concepts like invariance, bounded-error estimation, uncertainty propagation, and robust control, the ubiquity of set theoretic methods in the control and estimation community is undeniable. The goal of the proposed workshop is to provide a tutorial on the use set-based methods in estimation and control. We first present the basic principles of computer representable sets and their arithmetics. This is followed by recent developments in set-theoretic methods for parameter/state estimation and control. The workshop finishes with a discussion of applications and future developments. The workshop will address topics like: - Set based methods in parameter estimation - Set based methods in global optimal control - Set based methods in robust MPC

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