Stability and Optimality of Multi-Scale Transportation Networks with Distributed Dynamic Tolls

Rosario Maggistro1, Giacomo Como

  • 1Politecnico di Torino



Invited Session


10:00 - 12:00 | Mon 17 Dec | Flicker 1 | MoA06

Control and Estimation for Road Traffic Systems

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We study transportation networks controlled by dynamical feedback tolls. We consider a multiscale transportation network model whereby the dynamics of the traffic flows are intertwined with those of the drivers' route choices. The latter are influenced by the congestion status on the whole network as well as dynamic tolls set by the system operator. Our main result shows that a broad class of decentralized congestion-dependent tolls globally stabilise the transportation network around a Wardrop equilibrium. Moreover, using dynamic marginal cost tolls, stability of the transportation network can be guaranteed around the social optimum traffic assignment. This is particularly remarkable as the considered decentralized feedback toll policies do not require any global information about the network structure or the exogenous traffic load on the network or state and can be computed in a fully local way. We also evaluate the performance of these feedback toll policies both in the asymptotic and during the transient regime, through numerical simulations.

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