CMOS Integrated Lab-on-Chip System for Personalized DNA Sequencing

Hao Yu1

  • 1Southern University of Science Technology





11:00 - 12:00 | Tue 30 Oct | Ambassador | KN3

Keynote Talk by Hao Yu

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This talk will introduce emerging technologies in CMOS integrated circuits (ICs) for personalized data analysis. After brief review of recent works such as energy-efficient machine learning data-analytic chips; and smart multi-modal sensor chips, I will report recent progress on CMOS-based lab-on-chip system for personalized DNA sequencing. Starting with in-depth discussion of CMOS ion-sensitive-field-effect-transistor (ISFET) sensor chips for a scalable 2nd generation DNA sequencing, I will show the use of dual-mode (chemical + optical) ISFET sensor to improve detection accuracy, as well as the use of ISFET sensor with (time-integrated) pH-to-voltage readout at sub-threshold region for <1mV or 1pA detection resolution. Next, I will further show the present works on identifying single nucleotide bases required in the 3rd generation DNA sequencing system with CMOS-compatible integration of nanopore, nanogap and nanofilter devices.

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