Investigation of Adaptation Mechanisms During Five-Day Dry Immersion Utilizing Big-Data Analytics

Anastasiia Prysyazhnyuk1, Carolyn McGregor AM1, Evgenii Bersenev2, Aleksei Slonov2

  • 1University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • 2Institute of Biomedical Problems RAS



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Extreme Environment Medicine

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This article presents a real-time Big Data analytics framework that can build the capacity to support health monitoring and autonomous clinical decision support during spaceflight. Comprehensive real-time analytics present a great opportunity for in-flight officers, researchers and clinicians to detect early onset of transitional states and intervene, to preserve the functional state of the crew members and ensure successful execution of the mission. The ultimate goal of this research is to enable safe extended human presence in space through real-time prognostic health monitoring, to minimize the risk of illness or development of pathology

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