Optimal Lead Selection Method to Improve Detection Rate of R-R Interval in Multiple-Lead Electrocardiogram

Shun Sakai1, Kento Shoji1

  • 1Kumamoto University



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10:00 - 17:00 | Tue 30 Oct | Foyer | B1P-C

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The optimum lead for measuring the R-R interval (RRI) varies according to a person’s physique and activities. In this study, we developed a multichannel telemeter with a function that selects the optimum lead for measuring the RRI from four different leads of an electrocardiogram obtained using garment-type electrodes. The results of measurements of ten healthy human participants obtained using a conventional telemeter and the newly developed garment-type telemeter verify the improved performance of the newly developed telemeter. Subsequently, we used a telemeter equipped with a gain adjustment function, but could not obtain an improved detection rate.

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