A Nanosurface Microfluidic Device for Capture and Detection of Bacteria

Tamer Abdelfatah1, Mahsa Jalali1, Sara Mahshid1

  • 1McGill University



Special Session


08:30 - 10:00 | Tue 30 Oct | Ambassador A | B1L-B

Microfluidics for Biological Analysis

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Rapid and accurate diagnostics of pathogenic and genetic disease (such as cancer) at the point-of-care is a global challenge, but a critical necessity. This can happen in a miniaturized and automated device such as a lab-on-chip (LOC), in which complete cycle of biological reactions at the nano scale results in rapid and high clinically relevant sensitivity compared to standard laboratory protocols. However, identifying disease states on-chip, in particular at early-stages, requires dynamic manipulation and concentration of a small number of target molecules at individual single-molecule level, which limits current LOC technologies. In this paper, we focus on engineering of new approaches in LOC technology via synergistically combining nanostructured materials with fluidic sample delivery systems to overcome limitations.

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