High Level Modeling of Building Automation and Control Systems Based on Perceptual Knowledge

Jannik Flessner1, Melina Frenken2

  • 1Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg
  • 2Jade University of Applied Sciences



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10:00 - 17:00 | Mon 29 Oct | Foyer | A1P-F

Control & Signal Processing for LS

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This work describes a high level modeling approach of building automation and control systems (BACS) using perceptual knowledge. Present knowledge about the human perception is advantageous for the development of human-centered BACS. However, there exists no general approach describing the involvement of perceptual knowledge within the modeling process of BACS. In this paper, a novel approach for the development of a perceptual knowledge base is described. The purpose of the knowledge base is the derivation of an abstract rule base which forms a useful framework for the design of BACS applications. The development of the knowledge base is based on the structure of finite state machines.

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