Miniaturized Wireless Cell Spectrophotometer Platform in Visible and Near-IR Range

Vahid Khojasteh • Mehdi Noormohammadi Khiarak • Anahita Bakhshizadeh Gashti • Alain Garnier • Benoit Gosselin

10:00 - 17:00 | Monday 29 October 2018 | Foyer



In this paper, a new miniaturized wireless cell spectrophotometer is presented. This system can scan a sample, detect incoming light power and transmit corresponding data to a base station for further analysis in the range of 340 nm to 850 nm. In vitro measurement results with VERO E6 cells tagged with DAPI and Alexa Fluor488 are presented to demonstrate its performance. The proposed system uses two small Lithium-ion batteries that provide a 7.4 V supply voltage. The system’s low power consumption (88 mW), its minimal use of hardware resources, and its total weight of 17 g incorporated into a small wireless platform make the proposed device suitable for real-time implementation in most common low-power cell spectrophotometer applications.