Real-Time Control of an Assistive Robotic Arm Using a Wireless Finger Motion Sensor

Tristan Robitaille1, Fall Cheikh Latyr, Alexandre Campeau-Lecours2, Benoit Gosselin3, Clément Gosselin2

  • 1Collégial international Sainte-Anne
  • 2Université Laval
  • 3Laval University



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10:00 - 17:00 | Mon 29 Oct | Foyer | A1P-C

Bio-Circuits & Systems

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This paper presents the development of a ring-shaped, IMU-based sensor node used to enable the control of a robotic arm by a disabled person using residual finger motion. The system consists of the sensor node, the control board (base station) and the robotic arm. The finger's position angles are used to control the arm's axis projection speeds.

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