Design, Implementation, and Test of an Adiabatic Stimulation Back-End for Implantable Optical Stimulation Microsystems

Mohammad Bakhtiari • Ahmad Ghannadan-Zadeh • Farhad Akbari-Boroumand • Amir Sodagar

08:30 - 10:00 | Monday 29 October 2018 | Ambassador A



This paper introduces a new circuit-level idea for driving optrodes in an optical stimulation system. Trying to make the stimulation circuitry energy efficient, the proposed idea is based on the basic concept of adiabatic circuits. Based on the idea proposed in this paper, a prototype stimulation circuit was developed and tested. The optical stimulation back-end also includes a micro-fabricated optrode array, specifically designed, developed, and tested for multi-channel optical stimulation in a semi-implantable optogenetic system.