High-Rate Ultrasonic Link for Data Telemetry to Implantable Biomedical Microsystems Using Pulse Excitation

Keivan Keramatzadeh1, Amir Sodagar2

  • 1K.N. Toosi University of Technology
  • 2York University



Special Session


08:30 - 10:00 | Mon 29 Oct | Ambassador A | A1L-B

Innovative Circuits & Techniques for Bio-Sensing, Stimulation, & Interfacing

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A pulse-based data telemetry technique is suggested in this paper, which aims at the suppression of the residual tail of oscillations that naturally follows the response of an ultrasonic transducer to a rectangular pulse. This is made possible by the introduction of a line encoding scheme that suggests the use of an excitatory/inhibitory complex rather than a single excitatory pulse. Efficacy of the technique suggested in this paper was verified through modeling and testing a complete ultrasonic data telemetry link including the transmitting and receiving transducers, as well as the signal conditioning and data recovery blocks on the receiver side.

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