Passivity-Short-Based Stability Analysis on Electricity Market Trading System Considering Negative Price

Keita Muto1, Toru Namerikawa, Zhihua Qu

  • 1Keio University



Invited Session


16:00 - 18:00 | Wed 22 Aug | Christiansborg | WeC2

Distributed Energy Management Towards Clean and Economically-Enabled Society

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This paper deals with a distributed decision method for determining the electricity price considering the negative price in the market trading. In addition, we analyze the stability and convergence properties for the market trading system using the concept of passivity-short. At first, mathematical models of market participantsÂ’ behavior which maximize their own profits are discussed. Then, we construct a trading system based on dynamic pricing considering plug and play operation that each market participant intermittently participates in market trading. As for the optimal electricity price, even if the optimal price might be negative, we indicate the stability of the system can be guaranteed by using passivity-short which is a relaxed concept of passivity. Finally, numerical simulation results illustrate that each value decided by the market trading converges to the optimal value.

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