Health-Aware LPV-MPC Based on System Reliability Assessment for Drinking Water Networks

Fatemeh Karimi Pour • Vicenc Puig • Gabriela Cembrano

10:40 - 11:00 | Wednesday 22 August 2018 | Schackenborg



This paper proposes a health-aware model predic- tive control (MPC) for drinking water networks that includes an additional goal to extend the components and system reliability. The components and system reliability are incorporated in the MPC model as an extra parameter varying equation that con- siders the control action as a scheduling variable. The main goal of this work is to exhibit the advantage of taking into account system and component reliability, computed on-line by means of an LPV-MPC algorithm through an instance dedicated to DWNs. The proposed control approach allows the controller to accommodate to the parameter changes. By computing an estimation of the state variables during prediction, the MPC model can be modified considering the estimated state evolution at each time instant. Moreover, the solution of the optimization problem associate to the MPC problem is achieved by solving a series of Quadratic Programs (QP) at each sampling time. This iterative approach reduces the computational efficiency compare to the solution of a non-linear optimization problem. A small part of a real water network is used as a case study for illustrating the performance of the proposed approach.