Improvement of Ship Motion Control Using a Magnitude-Rate Saturation Model

Ole Nikolai Lyngstadaas, Tore Egil Sæterdal, Mikkel Eske Noergaard Soerensen1, Morten Breivik

  • 1Norwegian University of Science and Technology



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10:00 - 12:00 | Wed 22 Aug | Fredensborg | WeA3

Autonomous Robots

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Motion control concepts for ships have traditionally not focused on handling actuator constraints. This paper investigates the effects on performance of a pair of nonlinear control schemes by developing and implementing a magnitude-rate saturation (MRS) model. The effects of using the MRS model is tested in experiments with a model ship in an ocean basin. Performance metrics are used to evaluate performance in terms of control error, energy efficiency, and actuator wear and tear.

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