Path Following Control of Swimming Magnetic Helical Microrobots Subject to Step-Out Frequencies

Alireza Mohammadi1, Mark W. Spong1

  • 1University of Texas at Dallas



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10:00 - 12:00 | Wed 22 Aug | Fredensborg | WeA3

Autonomous Robots

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This paper investigates the problem of straight-line path following for planar swimming magnetic helical microrobots. The control objective is to make the microrobot to converge to a straight line without violating the input saturation limits. The proposed feedback control solution is based on an optimal decision strategy (ODS) that is cast as a quadratic program. The ODS-based control law minimizes the difference between the microrobot velocity and a line-of-sight (LOS)-based reference vector field while respecting the input saturation constraints.

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