Development and Characterization of a Soft Tactile Sensor Array Used for Parallel Grippers

Lakmal Weerasinghe • Damith Suresh Chathuranga

08:45 - 09:00 | Wednesday 30 May 2018 | SD1



Tactile Sensors play a crucial role in developing robots with human like grasping and manipulation capabilities. Localization, dynamic sensing and good force recognition characteristics are major goals when designing a tactile sensor. However, fulfilling these requirements come at the cost of increased complexity in design, high cost and difficulties in practical implementation due to size. In this research a sensor has been developed that is based on the concept of Hall effect. An array of magnets and hall sensors create a unique combination of outputs for each different deformation of the dual layered silicon membrane which houses the magnets. While allowing the interaction with non-planar surfaces due to the compliant nature of the silicon material, the sensor also facilitates accurate force recognition and localization with super-resolution using sensor readings, geometry and elastic properties of the silicon layer. This paper contains the design, fabrication and calibration of the tactile sensor array.