WizHaul: An Automated Solution for Cloud-RAN Deployments Optimization

Josep Xavier Salvat Lozano1, Andres Garcia-Saavedra2, Xi Li2, Xavier Costa2

  • 1NEC
  • 2NEC Laboratories Europe



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14:25 - 16:05 | Wed 14 Mar | HID | S01


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Future 5G deployments will support a flexible split of Base Station (BS) functions, i.e., it will be possible to decide which atomic operations will be co-located on the edge and which ones will be processed on a Central Unit (CU). Thus, network owners will be able to decide how much centralization they would like to retain in different deployments. However, deciding which BS components should be offloaded to a CU becomes a challenge because routing and BS function placement choices are coupled. We present WizHaul, a software framework enabling the implementation of a centralized functional split decision-making engine for future 5G networks. The purpose of WizHaul is twofold. First, it may be used in a network planning phase to settle the optimal amount of centralization. Second, it may also be used to support network automation/adaptation scenarios where network failures or congestion in the cloud may draw the current configuration infeasible.

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