A Demonstration of OpenAirInterface Fronthaul Technologies for Centralized Signal Processing in Ultra-Dense Networks

Florian Kaltenberger1, Raymond Knopp2

  • 1Eurecom
  • 2Institut Eurecom



Demo Session


14:00 - 18:10 | Wed 14 Mar | ID 04/459 & ID 04/471 | D1

WSA 2018 Demo Presentations

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In this demonstration we will showcase the real-time fronthaul networking protocol provided with OpenAirInterface (OAI) software packages as well as it's use for experimental deployment of ultra-dense networks. We will provide a real-time demonstration using 4 time-division duplex (TDD) remote-radio units (RRU) connected to a centralized processing server unit using commodity 1Gb-Ethernet-based networking and x86-based signal processing both in the RRU and central unit. The demonstration will also highlight some of the technologies used for over-the-air synchronization and centralized signal-processing for ultra-dense deployments.

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