Wearable Sensors Capture Differences in Muscle Activity and Gait Patterns during Daily Activity in Patients Recovering from ACL Reconstruction

Ryan S. Mcginnis1, Javier Redrado, Rebecca Choquette, Bruce Beynnon, James Slauterbeck, Timothy Tourville, Michael Toth

  • 1University of Vermont



Contributed Paper (Oral)


11:20 - 12:50 | Mon 5 Mar | Antilles CD | MoBT1.4

BSN Session # 2 – Gait, Motion and Activity Monitoring


We examine the motion and quadriceps muscle activation patterns during free-living activity in a cross-sectional sample of patients recovering from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction using wearable sensors. Analysis suggests that this technology is feasible, and captures expected differences in daily muscle activity between the affected and contralateral limbs within and across patients, and differences in muscle activation patterns and gait kinematics across patients associated with recovery progress. Results point toward the need for future studies to explore these indicators of rehabilitation progress longitudinally in patients recovering from ACL reconstruction.

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