Intuitive Visualization of Multimodal Physiological Measurements for a Confident Interaction for P-Health Monitoring Solutions

Mario Vega-Barbas, Fernando Seoane1

  • 1Karolinska Institutet



Special/Invited Session 1-Page Paper


11:20 - 12:50 | Mon 5 Mar | Treasure Island E | MoBT2

BHI Special Session # 2 – Intelligent Wellness Sensing


IoT systems combined with wearable sensors and sensorized garments are proliferating significantly. The availability of wearable solutions provides different sensing modalities allowing the extraction of numerous direct and indirect physiological parameters and lifestyle information with actual significance for the wearer. Such stream of multimodal data, containing many parameters, increase the richness of the data to be presented as well as increases the complexity of the information to be presented to the user. In this sense, this work presents a new method to perform multimodal data visualization in a comprehensible way by the end users of p-Health solutions.

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