Detection of Arboviruses in Blood and Mosquito Slurry Samples using Polymer Microchip

Ravi Prakash1, Anita Wong2, Kanti Pabbaraju2, Raymond Tellier3, Karan V.I.S. Kaler4

  • 1Queen's University
  • 2Provincial Laboratory For Public Health
  • 3Provincial Laboratory for Public Health; University of Calgary
  • 4University of Calgary



4-Page Contributed Papers (Oral)


09:30 - 11:00 | Wed 8 Nov | Room A | WAT1

Technical Session Track 1


Molecular detection of arboviruses has several potential public health benefits. Worldwide increase in Dengue virus activity as well as the emergence of Zika and Chikungunya viruses underline the usefulness of a portable, small foot-print platforms for the molecular detection of viruses in diagnostic laboratories, point of care applications and field work. In this study, we have demonstrated a polymer based diagnostic microchip technology capable of extracting and purifying nucleic acid from highly complex sample matrices including mosquito slurry. We have furthermore reported a multilayered chip design on the polymer surface for nucleic acid based sample-to-answer tests while lowering the voltage and power requirements to make it suitable for in-field deployment. Several panels of human and mosquito samples containing different levels of arboviruses were successfully tested to establish the sensitivity and accuracy of this low-cost disposable diagnostic technology.

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