Direct Quantification of Low-Concentration Protein and Nucleic Acid Biomarkers with Interferometric Detection of Nanoparticle Labels

Derin Sevenler1, Fulya Ekiz-Kanik1, Jacob Trueb1, George Daaboul1, Selim Unlu1

  • 1Boston University



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12:00 - 14:00 | Tue 7 Nov | Auditorium Foyer, E1/E2, Upper Atrium Space | TPO

Lunch, Posters and POC Technologies Demonstrations – Session II


We have developed a microarray-based biosensing technique for the direct detection of nucleic acid and protein biomarkers. This technique utilizes interferometric reflectance imaging and functionalized gold nanoparticles to label and rapidly detect specific single biomolecules, and can directly detect femtomolar concentrations of specific biomarkers in under one hour. This platform technique is currently being investigated for a variety of potential point-of-care molecular diagnostic applications.

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