Agile Co-Development for Clinical Adoption and Adaptation of Innovative Technologies

Vaishnavi Kannan • Mujeeb Basit • Josh Youngblood • Trenton Bryson • Seth Toomay • Jason Fish • Duwayne Willett

12:00 - 13:45 | Monday 6 November 2017 | Auditorium Foyer, E1/E2, Upper Atrium Space


Even the most innovative healthcare technologies provide patient benefits only when adopted by clinicians and/or patients in actual practice. Yet realizing optimal positive impact from a new technology for the widest range of individuals who would benefit remains elusive. In software and new product development, iterative rapid-cycle “agile” methods more rapidly provide value, mitigate failure risks, and adapt to customer feedback. Co-development between builders and customers is a key agile principle. But how does one accomplish co-development with busy clinicians? In this paper, we discuss four practical agile co-development practices found helpful clinically: (1) User stories for lightweight requirements; (2) Time-boxed development for collaborative design and prompt course correction; (3) Automated acceptance test driven development, with clinician-vetted specifications; and (4) Monitoring of clinician interactions after release, for rapid-cycle product adaptation and evolution. In the coming wave of innovation in healthcare apps ushered in by open APIs to EHRs, learning rapidly what new product features work well for clinicians and patients will become even more crucial.