Single Actuator Steerable Hexapod Robot with One-Way Bearing Transmission

Jung Jaeyoung • Jo Junyeong • Lee Kangmok • Lee Suwon • Lee Hongmin • Choi Wonseok • Taewon Seo

10:00 - 10:30 | Monday 25 September 2017 | Ballroom Foyer



Minimal design of a mobile robot is challenging issue to guarantee the simplicity of the design and robustness for control. Various design and control of a single actuator robot for planar motion have been proposed and most of the method is by using difference of compliance or resonance frequency of operation. In this paper, we propose a new single actuator steerable hexapod robot with mechanical transmission. Two one-way bearings are used to transmit the motion of actuator to hexapedal legs. Tripod gaits are achieved by mechanical gear train and the clockwise and counter-clockwise motions of the actuator are separated by the two one-way bearings. From the mechanical independency of the actuator motion, the robot can walk straight or turn. Design issues with experimental verification are proposed in this presentation.