Investigation of the Meso-Scale Optothermal Effects of Micromachined Elastic Structures with Laser-Induced Heat Sources

Qianbo Lu1, Bai Jian2

  • 1Zhejiang University
  • 2Zhe jiang university



No-paper Contributions (Oral)


14:00 - 15:30 | Wed 26 Jul | City Center A | WeO1O6

Nano-Metrology and Characterization I

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The estimation of the optothermal effects of a meso-scale micromachined structure in terms of the laser-induced effect is of great significance because the optothermal effects, including the temperature distribution, the thermal deformation as well as the thermal stable time, all substantially affect the properties. This paper proposes a transient model to predict the optothermal effects of a meso-scale structure with elastic suspensions via both finite element modeling and theoretical calculations. The temperature variation and the thermal deformation as functions of the irradiation time are given, in consideration of the incident laser power, the ambient temperature and boundary conditions such as the geometries of the structure. Some laws and tendencies are found, then verified by qualitative experimental demonstration. The investigation allows for better understanding the meso-scale light-matter interaction and optothermal effects; thus, paves the way for the design of high performance devices which contain elastic structures and equivalent heat sources.

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