Numerical Simulations of Bioimpedance Phenomena

Dejan Krizaj1

  • 1University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering



Minisymposia (Oral) [1-page]


08:00 - 09:15 | Wed 12 Jul | Rushmer Room | WeAT16

Bioimpedance in Biomedical Applications and Research: Concepts


Numerical simulations can give better insight into current conduction inside the tissues and can lead to new or improved usage of the bioimpedance measurement method. For this purpose an understanding of basic mathematical concepts is necessary in particular knowledge of the differential equations derived from Maxwells' equations describing electromagnetic phenomena together with their limitations. Electrical properties of tissues are strongly frequency dependent and well covered in the relevant literature. Several computer tools can facilitate numerical simulations of bioimpedance ranging from professional to free and open-source ones.

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