Modeling of Cardiac Oscillations and Gaseous Mixing in Deadspace during Apnea

Marianna Laviola1, Anup Das, Marc Chikhani, Declan Gerard Bates, Jonathan G. Hardman

  • 1University of Nottingham



Invited Papers (Oral) [1-page]


08:00 - 09:30 | Wed 12 Jul | Webster Room | WeAT15

Modeling and Estimation of the Respiratory System for Clinical Applications


Deadspace gas mixing with stimulation of respiratory ventilation through cardiogenic oscillations is an important physiological mechanism during apnea. In this study, a novel method is proposed to investigate the effect of these mechanisms in silico. We extended an existing computational model of cardio-pulmonary physiology to include the apneic state, cardiogenic oscillations, gas mixing within the anatomical deadspace and insufflation into the trachea. The new model was validated against data published in an experimental animal study. Computational simulations confirmed that the model accurately reproduce the experimental data. This new model can be used to investigate the physiological mechanisms underlying clearance of carbon dioxide during apnea, and hence to develop more effective ventilation strategies for apneic patients.

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