Development of a Wearable Plantar Force Measurement Device for Gait Analysis in Remote Conditions

Rawnak Hamid1, Mehmet Yuce, Jean-Michel Redouté, Lachlan McMillan2, David Scott2, Suharshani Wijesundara3, Peter R Ebeling2

  • 1Biomedical Integrated Circuits and Sensors Laboratory, Electric
  • 2Dept. of Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash He
  • 3Dept. of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash



Contributed Papers (Oral)


7. Biomedical Sensors and Wearable Systems


08:00 - 09:30 | Wed 12 Jul | Geddes Room | WeAT12

Clinical Applications of Mobility Assessment


The pressure field that exists between the foot and the supporting surface is identified as the foot plantar pressure. The information obtained from foot plantar pressure measurements has useful applications that include diagnosis of gait disturbances, optimization of footwear design, sport biomechanics and prevention of injury. Using wearable technology to measure foot plantar pressure continuously allows the collection of comprehensive real-life data sets while interfering minimally with the subject's daily activities. This paper presents the design of a wearable device to measure foot plantar pressure. Mechanical and electrical design considerations as well as data analysis are discussed. A pilot study involving 20 physically fit volunteers (15 males and 5 females, ageing from 20 – 45) performing a variety of physical activities (such as standing, walking, jumping and climbing up and down stairs) illustrate the potential of the device in terms of its wearability, and suitability for unobtrusive long-term monitoring.

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