Design and Development of an Intelligent Nursing Bed a Pilot Project of "Joint Assignment"

Jiehui Jiang1, Tingwei Liu1, Yuting Zhang1, Wolf Song2, Mi Zhou1, Xiaosong Zheng1, Zhuangzhi Yan1

  • 1Shanghai University
  • 2Delft University of Technology



Contributed Papers (Oral)


11. Biomedical Engineering Education and Society


08:00 - 09:30 | Wed 12 Jul | Herrick Room | WeAT7

Novel Approaches to BME Education


The “joint assignment” is a creative bachelor education project for Biomedical Engineering (BME) in Shanghai University (SHU), China. The objective of this project is to improve students' capabilities in design thinking and teamwork through practices in the process of the design and development of complex medical product. As the first step, a pilot project “design and development of intelligent nursing bed” was set up in May 2015. This paper describes details of how project organization and management, various teaching methods and scientific evaluation approaches were achieved in this pilot project. For example, a method containing one main line and four branches is taken to manage the project and “prototyping model” was used as the main research approach. As a result a multi-win situation was achieved. The results showed, firstly 62 bachelor students, including 16 BME students were well trained. They improved themselves in use of practical tools, communication skills and scientific writing; Secondly commercial companies received a nice product design on intelligent nursing bed, and have been working on industrializing it; Thirdly the university and associated schools obtained an excellent practical education experience to supplement traditional class education; Fourthly and most importantly, requirements from end-users will be met. The results also showed that the “joint assignment” task could be one significant component in BME bachelor education.

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