Minimal Invasive Multi-Mode Therapy of Metastatic Cancer

Lisa Xuemin Xu



Minisymposia (Oral) [1-page]


08:00 - 08:45 | Wed 12 Jul | Cho Room | WeAT2

Recent Advances on Image-Guided Devices and Therapies


Cancer remains as one of the leading causes to human death, though medical technology has been much advanced lately. An effective treatment protocol should include the following attributes: (1) directly damaging the cancer cells and their vascular network; (2) destroying the tumor immune-suppression environment and restoring normal immune system surveillance within the body; and (3) stimulating immune response against tumor. In light of this, a new strategy for cancer therapy should synergize the external intervention with a patient's immune response. Over the past few years, a novel thermo-immune therapy was developed in our Bio-heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory. In this presentation, both the treatment system and clinical studies will be reported, including the protocol, surgical planning and the treatment outcome.

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