Recognition of Human Emotional Experiences using Inter-Subject Neural Correlations

Xin Hu • Dan Zhang

08:15 - 08:30 | Wednesday 12 July 2017 | Roentgen Hall


In this paper, Scalable Whole Slide Imaging(sWSI), a commercial-grade low-cost whole slide imaging system operating on both Android and iOS platforms is introduced. Both the capturing and real-time processing functionality are provided by one smartphone connected to the eyepiece of a manually controlled microscope, while remote servers carries out the majority of computation and generate the virtual slides asynchronously to support clients running on mainstream smartphones at satisfying frame rates without sacrificing image quality. The virtual slide quality is rated satisfying for clinical usage by surveyed pathologists. To the authors' limited knowledge, this is the first commercial-grade and publicly available WSI solution based on smartphones, cutting the average cost of WSI to $100 dollars per year.