Emergence of Intelligent Logistics Picking Systems

Rosen Diankov1

  • 1Mujin





11:30 - 12:45 | Tue 30 May | Sands O | TuRIE2

RIE Forum - Logistics Robotics

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In the past year, the Mujin PickWorker product has succeeded in commercializing logistics picking tasks like depalletization, order fulfillment, item packing, palletization, random box picking, and conveyor tracking. All of these tasks involve tight sensor integration and require years of planning and testing edge cases to overcome all the challenges to achieve reliable, non-stop picking; in contrast, the Mujin PickWorker can be configured from scratch and become deployment ready within days.

Advanced robotics research is full of computer vision algorithms, motion planning algorithms, control methods, gripper designs, and overall architecture design ideas; unfortunately getting the right combination of these technologies to deliver a system for logistics is extremely hard. Many companies worldwide are rushing to commercialize intelligent picking systems, but the jury is still out on which methods are the best.

In this talk, I will present the Mujin product line-up, system capabilities, development methodologies, and how our team is pushing the state of art in intelligent logistics picking systems.

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