Infrastructure Service Robots: Enhancing Productivity and Safety‚Äč

Ehsan Asadi1

  • 1Transforma Robotics





09:55 - 11:10 | Tue 30 May | Sands N | TuIF1

Industry Forum - New Paradigms in Construction Automation and Robotics

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The talk is about the application of robots for specific tasks in the construction industry, where robots could attain the required level of autonomy and reliability: interior finishing of industrial developments with high walls and post-construction quality assessment - the motivation, and challenges, as well as current state of our solutions, PictoBot and QuicaBot. Despite the rapid technology evolution, construction services are mostly labor-dependent and performed with conventional techniques where safety is always a concern. Beside the low efficiency in this sector, the needs for building, construction and maintenance are growing rapidly all around the world while facing a future shortage of skilled workers and wage increases. It is essential to introduce novel robotic technologies that can be applied to boost productivity by focusing on quality and time saving, as well as to enhance safety and to reduce cost compared to the traditional methods.

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