Approximately Optimal Continuous-Time Motion Planning and Control Via Probabilistic Inference

Mustafa Mukadam1, Ching-An Cheng1, Xinyan Yan1, Byron Boots1

  • 1Georgia Institute of Technology



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11:30 - 12:45 | Tue 30 May | Room 4111 | TUB2

Motion Planning and Optimization

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The problem of optimal motion planing and control is fundamental in robotics. However, this problem is intractable for continuous-time stochastic systems in general and the solution is difficult to approximate if non-instantaneous nonlinear performance indices are present. In this work, we provide an efficient algorithm, PIPC (Probabilistic Inference for Planning and Control), that yields approximately optimal policies with arbitrary higher-order nonlinear performance indices. Using probabilistic inference and a Gaussian process representation of trajectories, PIPC exploits the underlying sparsity of the problem such that its complexity scales linearly in the number of nonlinear factors. We demonstrate the capabilities of our algorithm in a receding horizon setting with multiple systems in simulation.

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