Real-Time Distributed Receding Horizon Motion Planning and Control for Mobile Multi-Robot Dynamic Systems

José Magno Mendes Filho1, Eric Lucet2, David Filliat3

  • 1ENSTA ParisTech, CEA Tech
  • 2CEA Tech - Interactive Robotics Laboratory
  • 3ENSTA ParisTech



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11:30 - 12:45 | Tue 30 May | Room 4111 | TUB2

Motion Planning and Optimization

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This paper proposes an improvement of a motion planning approach and a modified model predictive control (MPC) for solving the navigation problem of a team of dynamical wheeled mobile robots in the presence of obstacles in a realistic environment. Planning is performed by a distributed receding horizon algorithm where constrained optimization problems are numerically solved for each prediction time-horizon. This approach allows distributed motion planning for a multi-robot system with asynchronous communication while avoiding collisions and minimizing the travel time of each robot. However, the robots dynamics prevents the planned motion to be applied directly to the robots. Using unicycle-like vehicles in a dynamic simulation, we show that deviations from the planned motion caused by the robots dynamics can be overcome by modifying the optimization problem underlying the planning algorithm and by adding an MPC for trajectory tracking. Results also indicate that this approach can be used in systems subjected to real-time constraint.

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