Reliable Object Handover through Tactile Force Sensing and Effort Control in the Shadow Robot Hand

Augusto Gómez Eguíluz1, Inaki Rano2, Sonya Coleman1, Martin Mcginnity1

  • 1University of Ulster
  • 2Ulster University



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Force and Tactile Sensing 1

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A fundamental problem in cooperative Human- Robot Interaction is object handover. Existing works in this area assume the human can reliably grasp the object from the robot hand. However, in some situations the human can produce perturbing forces in the object that are not meant to end in a handover. These perturbations can result in the object being dropped or the robot hand being damaged. This paper addresses this problem and presents a mechanism for reliable robot to human object handover implemented in a Shadow Robot hand endowed with tactile sensing. Given a stable grasping configuration, using BioTAC sensors we are able to estimate the contact forces applied to the object, and provide a feedback signal to a joint effort controller to maintain grasp forces despite perturbations. Our system is able to identify between object pulling forces which should result in an object handover, and other disturbances. Experimental results show that the hand releases the object only when the object is pulled, validating the proposed algorithm.

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