A Structure Preserving Nondimensionalization of Hydraulic Rotational Joints

Satoru Sakai1

  • 1Shinshu Univ.



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09:55 - 11:10 | Tue 30 May | Room 4011 | TUA1

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This paper proposes a non-dimensional representation for hydraulic arms whose original representation is complex in terms of the nonlinear dynamics and many physical parameters. Unlike the usual nondimensional representations, the proposed nondimensional representation preserves a parametric structure in the original representation. Without loss of generality, only by changing the damping constant, the rod area, the source pressure, and the cylinder allocation, and also assuming that all the other parameters are unit, any numerical property such as the numerical existence is investigated efficiently.

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  • The original model of hydraulic joints is complex.
  • However, the model is exactly simplified by our special nondimensionalization.
  • In our opinion, the several advantages should be highlighted even for 1-DOF case in academic or industrial points of view.