Reproducible Research in Robotics: Current Status and Road Ahead

Fabio Paolo Bonsignorio • Signe Redfield • Angel P. Del Pobil

08:30 - 17:00 | Monday 29 May 2017 | Room 4211/4212



In Robotics research the replicability and reproducibility of results and their objective evaluation and comparison is very difficult to put into practice. Controlling for environmental considerations is hard, defining comparable metrics and identifying goal similarity across various domains is poorly understood, and techniques for . Even determining the information required to enable replication of results has been the subject of extensive discussion. Even worse, there is still no solid theoretical foundation for experimental replicability of experiments in robotics. This situation impairs both research progress and technology transfer. Significant progress has been made in these respects in recent years and this workshop will provide a curated view of the state of the art.