A Connected Chair as Part of a Smart Home Environment

Marc Hesse • Andre Frank Krause • Ludwig Vogel • Bhavin Chamadiya • Michael Schilling • Thomas Schack • Thorsten Jungeblut

10:45 - 11:30 | Wednesday 10 May 2017 | Einstein Auditorium Foyer



The connected chair is part of the Supportive Personal Coach in the KogniHome project, which offers guided fitness training, relaxation, and assistive functions. The chair comes with integrated sensors, actuators, control logic and wireless transceiver. The sensors are able to measure respiration and heart rate as well as the user's actions. The actuators are used to adjust the chair to the actual user's needs and the transceiver is used to connect wireless sensor nodes and to exchange data with a base station. Additional value is generated by connecting the chair to the smart home environment, which enables and expands novel features and applications.