Differences in Arm Motion Timing Characteristics for Basketball Free Throw and Jump Shooting via a Body-Worn Sensorized Sleeve

Jonathan C Maglott, Junkai Xu, Peter B. Shull



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10:45 - 11:30 | Wed 10 May | Einstein Auditorium Foyer | WePoS

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Arm motion timing is critical during basketball shooting. This study used a body-worn, sensorized basketball sleeve to identify arm motion timing characteristics during basketball free throw and jump shot shooting for trained and novice shooters. Current basketball shooting research has typically focused on arm kinematic angles, while shot timing has received comparatively less attention. An experiment was conducted to compare arm motion timing between trained and novice shooters while shooting free throws, and a second experiment compared arm motion timing between free throws and jump shots by trained shooters. Trained shooters shot free throws significantly faster than novice shooters, and trained shooters shot jump shots significantly faster than free throws at the same distance from the basket. Knowledge of arm motion timing characteristics from this study could enable future training for improved shooter accuracy.

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