A Wearable Sensor System for Neonatal Seizure Monitoring

Hongyu Chen • Xiao Gu • Zhenning Mei • Ke Xu • Kai Yan • Chunmei Lu • Laishuan Wang • Feng Shu • Qixing Xu • Sidarto Bambang Oetomo • Wei Chen

10:45 - 11:30 | Wednesday 10 May 2017 | Einstein Auditorium Foyer



A novel wearable sensor system for seizure monitoring of neonates comprised of smart clothing, video recording and cloud platform is presented. Textile electrodes and Inertial Movement Unit (IMU) are embedded in the smart clothing to obtain ECG signal and motion signal whereby epileptic seizure detection algorithm is performed. Video monitoring module provides real-time information about patients. The cloud platform receives the pre-processed data and enables remote monitoring, centralized signal processing and data management. Comparison with commercial instruments shows that the smart clothing is capable of acquiring high-quality signals. Pilot tests under disinfection operations at Children's Hospital of Fudan University confirm clinical feasibility of the proposed system. The scalability and modularity of the unobtrusive wearable front end and the design of system architecture based on cloud enable the whole system with great potential in clinical practice and home monitoring scenarios.