Coordinated Multipoint - Multiuser Superposition Transmission

Johannes Dommel • Lars Thiele • Barış Göktepe • Cornelius Hellge

14:00 - 18:30 | Wednesday 15 March 2017 | Poster Area



Multi-user superposition transmission is recently standardized as DL-MUST for Rel. 13 (LTE-A Pro) and is shown to improve capacity as well as cell-edge user throughput performance. In this demo, we utilize the concept of multi-user superposition transmission to enable a simple coordinated multi-point transmission scheme. In contrast to regular DL-MUST, where one base station serves a pair of near- and far user, the component signals in our proposed scheme are transmitted from independent users to one base-station in the uplink. A phase-offset estimation and signaling scheme is introduced in order to provide the required coordination feedback at the individual user sites such that the received composite signal aligns as a standard MUST - Cat. 1 signal. In our demo, channel measurements from are used to demonstrate the scheme in a hardware-in-the-loop framework.