Interactive Visualization for Brain Spatio-Temporal Networks

Andrea Purgato1, Marco Santambrogio, Tanya Berger-Wolf2, Angus Forbes2

  • 1Politecnico di Milano
  • 2University of Illinois at Chicago



Contributed Paper (Poster)


5. Imaging Informatics


09:05 - 09:55 | Thu 16 Feb | Ballroom D | ThRAF

Rapid Fire Session 01: Imaging Informatics


The effective application of spatio-temporal network models to neuroimaging data is an emerging challenge in the field of neuroscience, and could help scientists to better understand the behavior of the brain across a range of different experiments. One of the main problems with deriving spatiotemporal networks is that it is difficulty to provide a clear view of computed results. In this paper, we introduce an interactive visualization tool for spatio-temporal networks computed from neuroimaging datasets. Our tool allows the user to change parameters interactively, at run-time, and to compare multiple versions of the results directly. Furthermore, we describe our approach to rapidly calculating spatio-temporal networks to support visual analytics tasks for neuroimaging data.

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