Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of a Cerebellum and Heart using Photogrammetry Techniques

Frederico Benaventana1, Mila Figueira Nozella1, Karina Do Valle Marques1, Gerson Flávio Mendes De Lima1, Alexandre Cardoso1, Edgard Lamounier Jr.1

  • 1Federal University of Uberlandia



1-Page Late Breaking Paper (Poster)


09:05 - 09:55 | Thu 16 Feb | Ballroom D | ThRAF

Rapid Fire Session 01: Imaging Informatics


Three-dimensional (3D) models are now common place in anatomical studies. Photographs of 20 human Cerebelluns and 3 hearts were acquired at the Laboratory of the Neuroanatomy of the University Federal de Uberlandia and applied in a photogrammetry algorithm. One of the great benefits that photogrammetry is the capability to create 3D model surfaces with high accuracy allowing to create interfaces for stereoscopic view of human organs [1,2,3,4,5]. This paper presents a 3D reconstruction of Cerebellun and Heart. It deals with the idea of using real images obtained using photogrammetry in 3D images in order to produce realistic virtual computational models for learning human anatomy with a minimum budget and low cost infrastructure.

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